Home Security: Protect Your Home This Winter!


The winter is here and so are the dark nights. This is the best time of year from a burglar’s perspective as the cover of darkness allows them a better opportunity of getting in and out of a property without being seen. Therefore, now is a good time to consider your current home security measures and see if there are any improvements that could be made in order to better secure your home this winter.

Below our team at Apex Mobile Locksmith have put together a guide with a few helpful tips on what you can do this winter to improve your home security:

Lock Upgrades – If your current locks are below the minimum standard set by insurers, old or damaged then it is definitely worth getting the locks upgraded to new more secure external door locks.

French Doors and Sliding Doors – These doors are very susceptible to wear and tear, often becoming stiff or misaligned, this can lead to further problems so its best to call out your local locksmith to come and repair them as soon as they show signs of wear. It is also worth considering additional security measures such as pat locks for these types of doors as they are commonly targeted by burglars. Your local locksmith will be able to advise you on the best security measures for your door.

Outdoor Lights – Using lights outside your property are a great home security measure as they are a big deterrent to burglars. By installing a motion sensor light outside your property both out front and back will allow the entrances to your property to be well lit when someone approaches, not only does it take the cover of darkness away from the burglars, but it also draws more attention to your property when they are triggered.

Timed Lights – This is a good home security measure to use when your property is vacant at night, lights in certain rooms can be set to turn on at different times creating the impression someone is home. It is worth noting that if you are to use timed lights as a home security measure then you should leave blinds or curtains shut in them rooms as you don’t want the layout of your home and valuables to be clearly visible from the outside!

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