Lock Snapping Explained

Lock snapping is a simple method used by burglars to gain entry to your home or premises.  By using this method, a burglar can enter your home within seconds.  They do this by applying pressure to the lock with a screwdriver or other popular tools which in turn snaps the lock.  You do not need any skills to be able to snap a lock which is why this method is so popular with burglars

The actual cylinder of your door lock which activates the multi-locking points on your door are more at risk with the anti-snapping technique. By snapping this part, the rest of the lock becomes worthless.  Apex Mobile Locksmiths can provide you with some of the most effective locks available to fully secure your home.  This will hopefully discourage any attempts of illegal entry to your property.


How do Anti-Snap Cylinders Work?

Anti snap locks have anti snap lines etched into the cylinder.  When force is used, the outer part of the cylinder can be snapped but leaves the main part of the security mechanism in place.

This basically means that the door will remain locked although the outer part of the cylinder has been snapped off.  You will also still be able to lock and unlock your door until you can get it replaced.


Is My Lock an Anti Snap Lock?

To check if your lock is an anti snap lock then unfortunately you may have to remove your door lock completely to find out.  If you do this then we would recommend that you use a qualified locksmith.  A lock that has been removed then refitted has to be done correctly.   If the lock housing sticks out by just a few millimetres, then this can easily be picked out which will cause a security risk.

Composite, uPVC, or aluminium doors that has been in your property for the last 15 years will need to be checked.  These doors are likely to have a euro cylinder door lock fitted. Locks like these are generally found on your main doors.  However they can also be found on back doors, patio doors, and garage doors.  The best thing to do is call your local locksmith and have them check your door locks for you.


What Are the Best Anti Snap Locks?

Apex Locksmiths have years’ worth of experience and will be able to choose the best security lock for your needs.


The British Standard Kite mark.

A lock will receive the ‘British Standard’ kite mark only if it has been produced in line with the requirements set out by the relevant authorities.  The BSI stamp is a well known sign of high quality when you see this mark on a lock or other products.  This means a lock with the BSI marking will be secure.


The TS007

This specific lock will safeguard your cylinder against different methods of break ins.  Techniques such as picking, drilling, anti snapping and bumping.  It is recommended that you try and stay updated with the new locks on the market.  They can all offer  different ways that can help to secure your home. Every TS007 is a high-quality lock but in the TS007 range, there are star ratings to consider. You need to consider the differences between these star ratings to make sure you choose the right lock.


SS312 Diamond Standard

This lock was launched in around 2010 and is being continuously updated and altered.  This is done to make sure that it can tolerate new methods that a criminal may use. It is vigorously tested for its resistance to the lock snapping technique and other methods that criminals may use.


Sold Secure Diamond Standard

The Sold Secure sign on your lock indicates that the lock has been thoroughly tested by Sold Secure.  Sold Secure are the leading testing and certification house for security products including locks.


Yale Anti-Snap Locks

Yale is a familiar lock product that most of us have heard about.   Their locks have been around for years and have always been reliable.  Yale produce a range of anti-snap locks which are called the AS and the AS Platinum Series Cylinder.

As a company, Yale are focusing all their latest development activities on the latest British Kitemark standard TS007. As this is a symbol of quality and performance. The Yale cylinders that are approved to TS007 are the AS and AS Platinum Series cylinders.


Need More Advice?

If you are having trouble finding out if your locks are to British Standard, then please contact us.  Apex Mobile Locksmiths are experienced and professional locksmiths and can check your locks for you.  If you would like to replace your locks, then we could normally do this for you within our first visit.


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