What To Do In The Event Of A Break In

prevent a burglary

Unfortunately, burglaries are a common occurrence in the UK and there isn’t much that feels worse than coming home to discover you have been broken into. With this said it is important to try and remain focused so you can take the necessary steps to get thing back in order. Our team at Apex Mobile locksmiths have put together a step by step guide so should you ever find yourself in a break-in situation you will know exactly what to do.

Ring The Police – The first thing you need to do when you discover a break in is call the police to report the crime. The police will make a record of the crime and provide you with a crime reference number, it is important that you take note of this number as you will need it further down the line for your insurance claim. If you are not already in your property when you discover the break-in then it is important that you stay outside until the police arrive so that they can collect and potential evidence that may have been left behind.

Don’t Move or Touch Anything – It can be tempting to try and get straightened up as soon as possible but it is important that you don’t touch or move anything until the police have been. This is because any evidence that has been left behind could get destroyed which in turn will hamper the police investigation into catching whoever committed the crime and potentially retrieving stolen goods. It is always best to wait outside for the police to arrive to allow them the best chance of gathering evidence.

Make a List – When the police have finished gathering evidence and give you the go ahead you should take a look around your property and make a list, as detailed as possible of stolen and damaged items, try to include serial numbers and distinctive marks, this will help police identify your items if they are recovered and you will also need to provide your insurance provider with this list when you want to make a claim.

Ring Your Bank – Many people may not think to do this, but it is important that you contact your bank and credit card providers and inform them that you have had a break-in. They will be able to check your account for suspicious activity and if necessary, freeze the accounts. You should still do this even if all of your cards are still in your property as the intruder could have taken note of the card details to make online purchases at a later date.

Contact Your Insurer – Within the first 24 hours of discovering the break-in you should call your insurance provider and inform them of the break-in. This is where you will need your crime reference number and list of stolen and damaged goods, your insurer will take all of this information and get the ball rolling for your claim.

Secure Your Property – When the police have finished and you getting ready to start straitening up and getting things back to the way they should be you should contact your local emergency locksmith to come and secure your property. This could just simply be changing or upgrading the locks however in the event of broken windows a locksmith will be able to provide a boarding up service so that your home is secure until you get replacement windows. A locksmith will also be able to advise you on additional security measures you can put in place to help prevent future break-ins.

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