4 Most Common Auto Locksmith Services Needed

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Locksmiths are well known for working with home and business owners in their local areas, but some locksmiths also work with vehicle owners. It is actually quite common for locksmiths to be called out to a vehicle, after all its not only house keys that can get lost and car locks do fail from time to time! Below are team at Apex Mobile Locksmiths have put together a guide on four of the most common auto locksmith call outs.

New Key Cutting – Most modern cars have computers and ignition keys have chips called transponders. This enables the key to talk to the car’s computer ensuring only authorised keys can gain access to the vehicle and turn on the engine. This is great to help prevent thieve staling car but when you damage your key you can’t simply have a new one cut, instead you have to have one programmed to communicate with the car’s computer. Fortunately, any good auto locksmith can do this for you.

Damaged Door Locks – Unfortunately, car locks do get damaged, this could be by accident, wear and tear or intentional damage caused by a thief.  Regardless of how damaged occurred, it is never ideal as it can mean your key no longer works inside the lock and can even cause key fobs to stop communicating with the door. When a car lock is damaged an auto locksmith will be able to either repair or replace the car lock to ensure it is kept in good working order.

Programming a Remote Fob – Remote key fobs are incredibly convenient, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors, windows and even to boot from a distance. However, over time, the fob’s battery runs down and will eventually need to be replaced. When that happens, you will most likely need to have it reprogrammed to work with the car, as well as replacing the battery. If you break your fob, lose it, or it is stolen, you will also need to have the replacement programmed to work with your car.


Locked Out – Much like homeowners, being locked out of a car is probable the most common reason for an auto locksmith being called out. It is very common for people to lose their car key or even lock them inside the car! If this happens to you then you don’t need to worry, your local auto locksmith will be able to have your car open and if necessary, provide you with a new key in no time.


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