uPVC Door Repairs Blackpool

Apex Mobile Locksmiths are specialists when it comes to uPVC door repairs in Blackpool. After many years of consistent use the mechanism inside uPVC doors begin to fail and eventually fail completely and become unusable. Often uPVC door mechanisms will begin to show signs of wear for example they might become difficult to lock, or your uPVC door handles might start to become droopy or lose. If you can catch a failing mechanism before it fails completely then it is possible that we are able to repair the mechanism without having to replace it with a new one which would of course save you money.

uPVC doors in Blackpool lock using what is called a multi-point lock, which is a mechanism that runs up the side of the door and locks in several places when you lift the door handle. Multipoint locks usually have a life span somewhere between 10-15 years before they begin to fail.

We are able to diagnose most issues over the phone when you call which means we should be able to give you an accurate quotation there and then, however sometimes we might need to come out to look at the door the accurately quote you. We will not start any works on your uPVC door unless you are fully aware of any costs involved.

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uPVC Locks Blackpool

Here at Apex Mobile Locksmiths we are fully equipped to deal with all types of uPVC doors and uPVC locks. We stock a wide range of uPVC locks and mechanisms, so if you find your lock has failed, it is a good opportunity to upgrade the lock on your door to better improve the security of your home or business.

UPVC Window Repairs Blackpool

Here At Apex Mobile Locksmiths we provide a UPVC window repairs service in Blackpool and surrounding areas. When it comes to repairing any faulty uPVC window, or uPVC window lock, this doesn’t mean you need to replace the entire window. You can save thousands of pounds by just changing the glass, broken locks, broken handles or damaged hinges. In some cases a uPVC window repair in Blackpool might only involve an adjustment of the window.
There can be many issues that appear with uPVC windows in Blackpool whether it’s the glass steaming up, locks sticking or the handles becoming loose. The good thing is that Apex Mobile Locksmiths are able to repair your uPVC windows quickly, efficiently and more importantly in a cost effective manner.
If you require our uPVC window repair services in Blackpool or any of the surrounding areas then please contact us today for a no obligation quotation.