Burglary Damage Repairs Blackpool

We understand that falling victim to a burglary in Blackpool or any of the surrounding areas is a stressful and traumatic experience for anyone. Which is why we can be with you to help you secure your home or business within 20 minutes of receiving your call in the event of being burgled.

Unfortunately, we have seen a rise in burglaries in the Blackpool area most of which is preventable by having sufficient locks installed on the external doors and windows of the property. The chosen method of entry for a burglar is by snapping the cylinder on a uPVC door, which takes a matter of seconds before they have access to the property without making much more noise than if you were using the keys to open the door.

The video below demonstrates how easy it is for someone to snap a lock on a door and enter your property if you do not have snap safe locks installed. We will advise you on how best to secure your property with anti-snap locks if we attend to repair and sort of burglary damage.

If you are interested in having anti-snap locks installed on your home or business, the please contact us on 01253 713 658 or 07752 314 894.

Window Boarding Up Blackpool

If your property has fallen victim to a burglary or your property has been vandalised or windows broken on either a domestic or commercial property, we provide a window boarding up service to help you secure the property whilst you wait for the windows to be repaired. Our boarding up services are available to both domestic and commercial clients in and around the Blackpool area.

If you require any of our window boarding up services in Blackpool or any of the surrounding areas, then please contact Steve today on 01253 713 658 or 07752 314 894