5 Places You Shouldn’t Hide Door Keys

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Leaving spare door keys hidden around your property for a friend or family member isn’t really a good idea. In fact it can be quite dangerous. By leaving a spare key ‘hidden’ outside your property your also inviting burglars into your home with the use of your spare key!

Find out the 5 worst places you could leave a spare key in this blog:

Under Rocks – This may seem like a safe place to hide  door keys however, besides the fact that this is one of the first places a burglar would look for a key it can be quite obvious when a rock has been used to conceal something. A key hidden under rock can make the rock sit more to one side indicating that something is hidden underneath so and potential burglars passing by could spot this and seize the opportunity.

Putting Keys in Wallet/Purse – Again this may seem like a safe place to store your keys, however, people lose wallets and purses just as regular as their house keys! Now if a burglar fins a wallet with keys to a property in it chances are the burglar will also know the address, they keys are for as there is likely to be ID in the wallet!

Flowerpots and Bushes – This is one of the most popular choices for people to leave a spare key, it is also one of the first places a burglar will check for a spare!

On To of The Doorframe – not only are keys visible on the top of a door frame so any experienced burglar will see it straight away, but they will also be able to let themselves in quickly and virtually unnoticed.

Under The Doormat – This is the first place a burglar would check for  spare door keys. So leaving a key under a doormat is practically leaving a key for a burglar to let themselves in and help themselves to whatever they want!

Leaving a key outside your property no matter how well you think you have hidden it is never advised, instead leave it with a trusted friend or neighbour, or drop it off with the person that is going to need to use it.

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