Business Security: How To Improve It?


business security

Unfortunately, break-ins at a business premises often come at a significant cost to those that were targeted. There is not only the loss of merchandise, but there is also damage such as smashed windows or broken door locks caused by the intruders that the business owner is left to deal with.

Because of this our team at Apex Mobile Locksmiths decided to put together some helpful tips on how business owners can improve their security measures at their business premises to help prevent burglary’s.

Have A Risk Assessment

By having a risk assessment carried out at your business premises any vulnerabilities in your current security measures will easily be identified and you will be able to get a plan in place to overcome them.

It is always best to have a professional carry out a risk assessment, although you as a business owner may already have an idea about what you need to put in place to better secure your property, there may be issues that are picked up by a professional that you may have never even considered.

Below you will find a few tips that are likely to come up after a professional has carried out a risk assessment at your business premises. These tips will much depend on the location, size and trading hours of your business.

Security Upgrades

Upgrade or Replace Existing Locks – This will be necessary if your current locks are damaged or worn. Or if they do not meet the current BS3621 or TS007 standards.

Window Locks – If your windows don’t currently have locks then they will definitely need to have locks installed, it is also important to make sure window locks and handles are in good working order, if they are not then repairs or replacements may be advised. Also depending on the location of the windows other security measures may be advised to use alongside window locks.

Cabinet Locks – Any cabinets within your property that are used to store sensitive information, valuables or medication should all have locks installed.

Restricted Key System – This involves having locks installed that have keys that require the use of a code to make copies. You as the business owner would have the only copy of the key to your business premises and will have full control of how many copies are made and who has access to them. This way you as the business owner can ensure that no keys can be copied or stolen.

Secure Your Business with Technology

Technology as progressed massively and, in this day, and age it isn’t hard to find high-tech security solutions to suit the needs of your business and budget. Below are a few examples of just a few:

Smart Locks – This type of lock allows you to monitor when a door has been unlocked and who it was that unlocked it, as well as grant access from a distance. This is just a couple of the many benefits of smart locks.

HD CCTV – This technology allows you to monitor your business remotely and acts as a huge deterrent to burglars and vandalism and trespassing.

Security Alarms – These are highly effective in deterring burglars however it is important to display visible signs that the alarms are in use.

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