Common Types of Car Keys

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In the old days, your car was only as secure as its key. You needed one to unlock it and start up or shut down all functions- from revving up engines to locking doors and opening trunks! But over three decades ago there were some really interesting developments in automotive technology. A locksmith can create replacement keys for your lost, damaged or compromised set of car keys by using their expertise in programming them to work with other electronic devices such as ignitions and doorlocks. A professional should be able help you find out what type is needed depending on the make and model but they will also offer lockout services where necessary so all four types below apply:

Mechanically Cut Car Keys

mechanically cut car keys are the most popular type, having been used in vehicle doors and ignitions since its inception. While they may seem like an outdated concept now, one can still see that this basic design hasn’t changed much over time – these key’s teeth were originally designed with distinct arrangements of grooves carved onto them which corresponded to specific pin configurations for locks on your particular make or model.

If you have a mechanical car key, it’s ideal to have copies or duplicates made by an auto locksmith to make certain that they’re properly cut and last for a prolonged period.

Car Key With Transponder Code

A key fob that acts like a conventional car ignition is not all it seems. If you look closely, there may be telltale signs of the electronic chip placed in its head and used for identification purposes – such as generating unique codes each time it’s used so thieves cannot tamper with your vehicle by duplicating keys or getting access through cloning technology without permission from both parties involved.

The Transponders appear to us ordinary mechanical locks at first glance; however, when studied more carefully one can see how this piece has no teeth (since they’re actually made up completely out metal) nor does much resemble any type lock nowadays because instead contains an electromagnetic Read Only Memory (EROM)- which generates 1:1 matches delivered digitally.

A majority of transponders use a single constant code making it considerably easier to replicate the car key or make an emergency spare one and any skilled auto locksmith is capable of performing the task.

Car Key With Laser Engraving

With laser-cut alternatives, you can create the perfect key for your car lock in seconds with a computerised machine. Dubbed ‘Laser Keys’, these mechanical and modern tools make it possible to be more precise than ever before – even creating individual tooth patterns impossible by standard machines! They also work on either side of vehicle keys which means they’ll fit any type or brand of mechanism found today.

Car Key Fob

There are several types of car key fobs. The most prevalent is the add-on model for convenience, which includes a regular mechanical set as well as one with built in “pop out” blades so you can easily start your vehicle from anywhere on earth!

A few other special varieties exist such like this type that acts just like an emergency remote and has two additional buttons for locking/unlocking doors at once; also there’s another design called switch blade , it has both keys inside instead ́of having them attached externally. Standard key fobs are reasonably priced and simple to reprogram by vehicle locksmiths. Before assuming that a car key fob has been damaged or broken, ensure the battery is not drained.

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