Door Security: Maintenance


A front door is like a security blanket – it provides protection from the elements, unwanted intruders and any other dangers that might be lurking out there. Unfortunately for many homeowners this knowledge falls by the wayside when they start taking on more tasks than one person can do alone so maintaining your house becomes an afterthought rather than something done consistently or as soon possible upon purchase. This is why our team at Apex Mobile Locksmiths have put together this guide on some simple door maintenance to help keep your home safe and secure.

Ensure Door Is Hung Correctly – Locks are designed to work alongside a frame and handle that have been fitted correctly. If you hang your door incorrectly or misalign the holes in it, then this can put pressure on any lockset each time someone tries open their own door with another person’s key (unless they’ve got multiple copies). In order to find out if a door is incorrectly hung, look for the gap between it and its frame. A properly-hung one will have uniform gaps all around; if yours does not then there could be problems with installation or damage from something like humidity that has been Factors such as these may cause doors not hang evenly which can lead them being improperly adjusted when they’re first put up so make sure you call in professionals like locksmiths who know what they’re doing!

Clean Door Locks – You may not realize it but keeping your door locks clean and free from dirt is just as important to maintaining the health of you home. Door lock can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water, which will help keep them in good working order without having any adverse effects on their functionality or longevity because chemical cleaners alone are too harsh for these surfaces!

Lubrication – Lubricating your locks will keep them running smoothly and prevent unnecessary wear. Oil-based lubricants, such as WD40 can clog up the mechanism of a lock leading to poor performance or even failure later down the line (which is why we recommend never using these). A good quality silicone-based gel would be an excellent choice when trying out different types for future projects because they’re safe on metal surfaces while also providing plenty enough cushion against harsh environments.

Take Care Of Keys – Keys are an essential part of our lives, and we should take care not to misuse them. Misusing a key can cause both damage as well as preventative maintenance on the lock itself – such things like pulling keys hard enough for it close behind you or forcing one in order open up may be inappropriate uses! Keys can be a pain to replace, but luckily there’s an easy way. If your original key has been damaged or worn out then keep it around for when copies of new ones need cutting; this will ensure that any duplicates get made accurately with pinpoint accuracy!

Door Handle Maintenance – Door handles should be treated with care and gentle use. If handled roughly, excessive weight or forceful entry will damage it over time–just like when using your keys on a keychain too much can cause wear-and-tear issues for any object in this manner (keys). The latch of the door must disengage from its catch before pushing open – otherwise you might end up damaging not only yourself but also other objects nearby!

Know When To Call Out A Locksmith – Doors should always be easy to operate, you shouldn’t have any resistance when opening them. If there is an issue with your door or locks call a professional locksmith because it could turn into more serious problem and leave the property insecure!

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