How To Protect Your Home From Burglaries?

The majority of burglaries committed in the UK happen between the months of October and January. ADT Fire & Security carried out research that showed that over 79% of us don’t have adequate security measures in place to protect our homes or business from burglaries.

At this time of year, with the extra cover of darkness everyone is the perfect target for a burglar. Regardless of the time of year no one ever wants to fall victim to a break in but so soon after Christmas is particularly hard.

So, our team at Apex Mobile locksmiths have took it upon themselves to provide this handy guide on how to better protect your homes from burglars.

Valuables on Show – Having your lights on timers when you’re not home is a great way to deter burglars however, you do need to be carful in the way in which you approach this. You should ensure that blinds or curtains are closed in rooms that you are using the light timers as a burglar will be able to get a good look at the layout of your house and where any potential valuables are located.

Calendars – Most busy families find it incredibly useful to have a calendar displayed in their home so that they can remember appointments and other important events. With this said it is important that you consider where you hang your calendar at it can also be a useful tool for a potential thief to know exactly when your home is going to be vacant and how long for. Make sure any calendars in your home are hidden well out of view from the outside of your property.

Letter Box Fishing – the only way to stop this is firstly keeping valuables such as car keys well out of view from the letter box, secondly you can have a cage fitted to the inside of your letter box that will stop thieves being able to pull any valuables through.

Selfies – We all live in a society that just loves a selfie. With this said you should be mindful about what you post on social media and when. For example, if a burglar has managed to find out your name from a letter you may have thrown in the bin, they will be able to find you on social media. They can then use this to their advantage to find out when your home is empty. So, posting holiday countdowns and live updates and check ins where you’re on a night out should be saved until you are back at home. This way if a burglar is watching your social media, they will have no insight to when your property is going to be empty and they can get in and out undisturbed.

Digital Attentiveness – If you have a digital alarm then it is important to keep it clean, it wont take long for a burglar to figure out the code if the digits you use are clearly highlighted or worn.

Bathroom Lights – from the outside of a property is pretty easy to distinguish which room is the bathroom as they tend to have frosted glass windows, so if your bathroom light is on but no other light in your property is on then a burglar will see a small window of opportunity to get in and out of your home while you are otherwise engaged!

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