Locked Out? What Should You Do?

Locked Out

It is inevitable that at some point in our lives all of us will experience being locked out of a property. This can be an incredibly stressful and frustrating time, especially if it is after a long day at work! Fortunately help is never far away, any good local locksmith will be able to come and help you gain entry to your property without causing any damage to existing locks and even change the locks and provide you with a new set of keys if necessary. Below our team at Apex Mobile Locksmiths have put together a guid on what you should do if you ever find yourself locked out of your home or business.

Look For Other Entry Points – You may not be able to use your main door to get into your property however there could be another entry point such as an unlocked back door or open ground floor window, you should only attempt to get into your property through an open window if it is safe to do so. If you have already called a locksmith and have gained access to your property then you should call up and cancel as you do not want to be left with a call out fee when you no longer require their services, unless, you have lost your keys or fear they have been stolen and would still like the locksmith to attend to change the locks to ensure your property remains secure.

Spare Key – Think back and try and remember if you have ever left a spare key to your property with a family member, friend or neighbour. If this is the case, then they may be able to come and let you into your property. Again, if you get into your property you will only need to call a locksmith if your keys don’t turn up or you think they have been stolen so the locks can be changed, and your old keys can’t be used by a burglar to simply just let themselves into your property.

Carry ID With You – If you don’t already carry some form of ID with you it might be a good idea to start. This is because most reliable locksmiths will want to see some sort of ID to prove that the property, they are letting you into is in fact yours. This is to prevent burglars from calling out a locksmith to use them to gain entry to your property. By always carrying ID with you can be sure that should you ever find yourself locked out then you have what you need to show the locksmith to let you in.

Find A Reputable Locksmith – If it turns out that you do need a locksmith to gain entry to your property and/or change the locks then it is worth doing a little research before you make the call. Unfortunately, not all locksmiths are reputable and overcharge and even cause damage when attempting to gain entry. Check for online reviews and even ask friends or family for recommendations. Once you find a reputable locksmith it is always worth asking over the phone if they can gain entry to your property without causing damage this way you can be sure that you are going to get into your property with no problems.

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