Mortice Locks: What To Do When They Fail


Mortice locks are designed to fit into a pocket that has been cut out of the door, this is where the lock will be fitted. Any modern mortice lock that has the BS3621 mark will provide an excellent level of security for your home or business. Most external doors had mortice locks fitted before the introduction of the euro cylinder.

There are many different brands and size of mortice lock however there are really only two different types, the deadlock and the sash lock. Deadlocks don’t come with a handle so if this is something you wanted you would have to fit a separate handle alongside it, whereas sash locks have a handle built into the lock.

Mortice Lock Faults

Over time mortice locks can fail just like any other lock, some of the most common problems that occur are listed below:

Broken Talon – It is easy to identify this fault with a mortice lock. If you put the key into the door and the lock moves freely without locking or unlocking the door then the talon is broken. Any good local locksmith will be able to resolve this issue.

Key Wont Open Lock – Multiple reasons can cause this fault, it could be worn out old keys caused by leaving them left in the lock causing the leavers and keys to fail, this problem can also cause other keys to stop working as well.

There are many more faults that occur with mortice locks, the best thing you can do is at the first sign of a problem with the lock or key is to call your local locksmith, they will be able to diagnose and fix the issue before it turns into something more serious and ends up costing more money to repair or replace the lock in the future, and it could even spare you from being locked out or in your property.

Is Your Mortice Lock BS3621?

Most people that have a mortice lock fitted are completely unaware that their lock doesn’t meet the current BS3621 Standard. This is mainly due to the fact that mortice locks have been around for a very long time so most locks are old, or on newer doors the manufacturer may have chose not to use one to save money. It is important to keep up to date with your security measures and ensure that all of your locks and security measures either meet or exceed current BS3621 standards. This is the best way to ensure the security of your property.

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