What Can Go Wrong With Locks?

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It is just common sense that keeping your locks in good working order is one of the most important things when it comes to ensuring the security of your property. Unfortunately, like anything else that is frequently used, locks do present with problems from time to time, some require a simple fix and others can bit a bit more complex and will need the skills and expertise of a locksmith to repair or even replace the lock.

Key Broken In Lock – This is often a frustrating situation to be in, and in most cases it happens completely out of the blue with no prior warning signs. If this should ever happen to you then it is important that you do not try to lock or unlock your door with the key still broken in the lock, this will only make things worse by pushing the key deeper into the lock and even risk breaking the lock itself. If you can see enough of the broken key sticking out of the lock, then you could try grabbing it with a pair of needle nose plyers and pulling it out. If this isn’t possible then you will need to call your local locksmith to come and extract the key for you. They will have all the necessary tools and skills to extract the key without causing any damage to the lock itself.

Difficult To Open Stiff Lock – Dust and dirt building up inside the locking mechanism is often the culprit for this problem. This can be simply resolved using a graphite or silicone-based lubricant, simply spray the lock and try turning the key a few times and the lock should start to turn with ease. You should never use an oil-based lubricant such as WD-40 as this will only provide a temporary fix and make matters worse further down the line as the locking mechanism will start to clog.

Difficult To Unlock/Lock UPVC Door – If your door can be unlocked/locked easily when it is in the open position but then you have difficulty locking the door when it is closed then it is likely an alignment issue. It is a very common occurrence for uPVC doors to slip out of alignment and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be quite difficult to fix. Fortunately, any good locksmith will be able to easily resolve this issue. If it turns out that the problem is not an alignment issue then it is probable a faulty locking mechanism that is causing the issues, this is something that will often require new parts and you will need a locksmith to come out and carry out the necessary repairs.

Key Difficult To Insert – This may seem obvious, however it happens a lot, the first thing you need to do is make sure your using the correct key! If you are using the right key the next thing to rule out is a badly cut key, try an older key in the lock and if that works then the issue is with your key and not the lock, however, if an old key doesn’t work in the lock either then the problem is with the lock, you will need to call out your local locksmith to come and diagnose and fix the problem.

Key Not Turning In Lock – There are many things that can cause a key to not turn in a lock, one thing that you should never do is try and force the key to turn, this could not only damage the lock but you could also end up breaking the key off in the lock as well! It is possible that using a lubricant on the lock like what was mentioned under the heading ‘Difficult To Open Stiff Lock’, however if this doesn’t work then it is definitely a problem with the lock cylinder and you will need a locksmith to come out and either repair or replace the lock.

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