What Homes Are Appealing To Burglars?

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When people fall victim to a burglary it is common for them to feel that they were just unfortunate that the intruders chose their home to target. However, more often than not when our team here at Apex Mobile Locksmiths attend a call out after a break-in there is always at least one aspect of their home security or lack of it that stands out and made their home particularly attractive to burglars.

The advice that we always offer to any home or business owner is to ensure that you have the best possible security measures in place to ensure that your property is as secure as it can be. In order to successfully do this, you as a home or business owner first need to be aware of your current security measures so that you can see how they can be better improved.

When a home or business has substantial security measures in place this is often off putting for potential burglars and they are likely to continue their search to find a much easier target. It is common for burglars to scout out an area before committing the burglary, the look for properties that have weak security measures in place so they have the best chance of getting in and out of the home or business as quickly as possible. It is security measures that are visible from the outside of your property that are the biggest deterrent to burglars, so these are the security measures you should put your main focus on.

Visible Security Measures

  • CCTV
  • Alarm
  • Security Grilles
  • High Security Locks
  • Multiple Locks
  • Lock guards
  • Window locks

Security measures that make access to the home or business much more difficult but are less visible from the outside of your property include:

  • Hinge bolts
  • Birmingham bars
  • London bars

Although these measures can’t be seen by the burglar therefore, they wont act as a deterrent, they will certainly make gaining entry to your property difficult should a burglar attempt a break-in. This is more often than not the difference between a break-in and an attempted break-in.

Basic Security Measures That Everyone Should Have In Place!

If you wish to best protect your property form a break-in then there are some basic security measures that absolutely everyone should have in place, even if you do not want to install any of the more visible deterrents.

  • All windows should have key operated locks installed
  • Any external doors should have a 5 leaver BS3621 deadlock installed

If these basic security measures are not already in place at your property then it is strongly advised that you have your local locksmith come and upgrade them as soon as possible as your home or business will be particularly vulnerable to a break-in.

When you have the basic security measures in place you can then turn your focus towards the higher security measures.

If you are looking to improve your home or business security and don’t know where to start, or if you would like to implement some of the security measures mentioned above at your property then contact Apex Mobile Locksmiths today – 01253 713 658

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